Retreat Speaker

I am available as a speaker at retreat weekends for various context. During my studies at Regent College I gained knowledge that I would like to share with the church more widely. My area of interest is the history of Christian Spirituality and my research area is Early Methodist Spirituality, particularly the Methodist understanding of Christian maturity as seen in the doctrine of Christian Perfection. In my research I have found that the stories of people are important for understanding how we ourselves encounter God. 

I can offer a weekend of lecture and discussion sessions on the topic of An Experience of God and a Call for Holiness

Choose any of the following topics for your sessions: 
1) Know that you are a Child of God: Conversion as an encounter with God 
2) Casting off all that hinders: Seeking holiness of heart and life 
3) The power of story: How holiness spread through narrative in early Methodism 
4) Longing for God: Cultivating the lifelong desire to encounter God 
5) The goal of the Christian life: Salvation or an encounter with God? 
6) Cleansing from Inward Sin: Taking the complexity of sin seriously

Another theme would be a retreat on prayer, with the focus of the retreat on prayer and deepening the life of devotion. The mode of discovery is historical and conversational. Select any of the following topics (or suggest your own historic form of prayer) for a retreat called Prayer Through the Ages. 

1) New Testament Prayer
2) Monastic Prayer: Meditation on Scripture
3) Ignatius of Loyola: The Prayer of Examen
4) Prayer in the Midst of Suffering: John of the Cross, Martin Luther, early Methodist Bathsheba Hall
5) Praying with the book: the history of the Book of Common Prayer
6) Prayer Around the World: unity across nations through a common charismatic experience of prayer

Travel cost from Saskatoon, SK and honorarium are expected as compensation for the time spent preparing for your retreat. Contact me at to check availablity

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