Monday 17 November 2014

Stories of Life

Stories have become central to how I see the world. But if you had asked me several years ago, that would not have been my answer. Yet, in each area of my life the importance of hearing the story of people’s lives has risen to the surface.

I’ve always loved reading novels. I always have one (or more) on the go. Even at a young age I remember visiting the public library for storytime, taking out piles of children’s books each visit. I loved to be absorbed into the world of the book, waiting to be surprised at the twists and turns of the narrative. 

Yet, even with this love of stories, it didn’t occur to me that my academic research would be about stories. I stumbled upon that focus. I told a bit of that story in a previous post

Now, I see stories all around me. I see it in the Biblical narrative. I see it in the stories of my friends as they encounter the church and each other. I even see it in the way my husband and I debrief our days with each other. 

I see stories in the work that I do at the Friendship Inn as Volunteer Coordinator. Each person I encounter, from guests to staff to volunteers have their own story of why they are present on any given day. I love to hear the stories, to see the smiling faces as stories and lives are shared across tables in the dinning room. 

Stories are an important part of our lives and our spirituality. These stories of life are stories that both give life and are true to life; stories that inspire hope in their humbleness. That is why I am so convinced that the stories of the early Methodist people should be told. I am excited to be able to share these stories through this blog and through my book.

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